Hangzhou-kun of Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the research and development of horticultural plants, production and sales business, is a large modern horticultural products manufacturing enterprises. Companies based in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Dai villages and towns adjacent to Highway 03 from Highway Linpu Hangjinqugaosu export five kilometers from the Xiaoshan International Airport and 30 minutes by car, traffic is very convenient. - Kun of horticultural production base currently has more than 260 acres of which 20,000 m2 greenhouse above, the automatic sprinkler irrigation facilities 200,000 square meters, 50,000 square meters shade tent; breeding of various types of seeds and seedlings, 6000000, which Seedling 4000000, containers of Miao 3 million base year 2007-2008 varieties available in the following container seedlings and Seedling: Dickinson privet, Photinia X, mosaic Tongxinluo stone fruits blue, mosaic Pyracantha (clown) , the Mediterranean Viburnum, the spent six wood, Lonicera light green, red Kintaikyo Prince, rose more than 20 varieties. Horticulture-kun of "innovation and the responsibility to promote the industry and enterprise development and win-win" business philosophy, "China is committed to creating a healthy environment" for business purposes, we warmly welcome new and old friends to negotiate inspection company, and jointly promote China the cause of the prosperity and development of horticulture.
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